L.E.M.O. is born in 1985 as a small handicraft firm and is imposed well soon as one of most dynamic firm of its sector; the bases for the future expansinos are set since immediately: quality of the product, continuous planning of new articles, constant contact with the Client.

In the time a range of products is developed, destined to goldsmith sector, of the jewelry, of the silverware, and of the custom jewelry, able to satisfy all the demands fully, to respect:

  • Equipment for chain manufacturing machines
  • Equipment for chain beating machines
  • Equipment for shearing machines

To have been born as artisan reality, to have grown and to have maintains its spirits, done of sotisfaction all the well done things, it's motive for us of great pride. Led from personal specialized, with thirty year-old experience in the micro-mechanics of tall precision, the L.E.M.O. also offers particular attention in the to satisfy its more demanding clientele, hocking each other in the supply of details on them indication.

Our philosophy is very simple, almost obvious: the quality always pays.

For us the quality is made of a lot of things, mainly from an excellent product, but also from high-class commercial services, that they allow us rapid times of sullpy and great versatility and personalization of our products.

The artisan culture developed by its founders, allows to her in fact to realize products that, to qualitative level, they are obtainable hardly from a normal industrial production. Despite the winds of modernity and the tecnological innovations welcomed in firm, tha make the L.E.M.O. one of the firms to the vanguard in the sector, it stays however unchanged the motive conductor that has characterized the L.E.M.O. since its birth: to guarantee the maximum quality in the handicraft realization of the product.


Address: via Papa Paolo VI 95, 36022 Cassola (Vicenza) Italy
Telephone: +0039 - 0424 - 534187
Fax: +0039 - 0424 - 533874
E-mail: lemo1985@lemo.it